Vegan Survival Tip: Living with a “Non-Vegan”

So you want to become a vegan but your spouse/family says “No way!” Not everyone is ready to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle at the same time. Forcing veganism isn’t exactly the ideal scenario either. Don’t let this deter you! This Vegan Survival Tip: Living with a “Non-Vegan” will give some pointers regarding meal preparation for a family who has different dietary needs and wants.

cooking with non-vegans

Tip: Substitutions

Most dishes have ingredients that can be substituted. Instead of meat use beans or tofu, other dairy products are easily substituted as well. Most of these changes will even go unnoticed by others. Check out this article for more substitution ideas.

Tip: Cook Meat Separately

Simply cook that chicken in a separate pan and add it to the plate when being served. Have some cooked beans or tofu on standby to add to your plate and voila! Everyone is happy! I think that the one extra dirty dish is worth living in symbiosis.. There is opportunity to talk the family into vegan nights seeing how your not actually missing out on the foods you all love and live a healthier lifestyle. Living by example is the best way to truly teach and share about positive growth.

In short, familiarize yourself with substitutions and cook that meat in a separate pan

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